The Senate on Tuesday passed the Nigeria Football Federation bill seeking to legalise the country’s football governing body.

This followed the adoption of the report on the NFF Establishment Bill 2017 by the Senate Committee on Sports and Youths Development.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Obinna Ogba, while presenting the report, stated that it had become necessary to repeal the extant laws guiding football in the country.

He said it would be the first time football administration in the country would be backed by law, not a decree.

He also noted that there had been a series of court cases relating to football in the country, which he said, had affected the country’s performance.

Ogba added that the bill would bring court cases to rest, as issues concerning the NFF would be resolved by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, not regular courts.

He said, “It has become necessary to repeal the Extant Act. This is because it requires a lot of amendments to bring it into agreement with FIFA required international best practices. It is to give the desired boost it requires.

“The bill has no financial implication because it is only seeking a change in the name of the football body in order to achieve better results.

“It seeks to ensure that only those who are actually involved in competitive football are members of the federation, not just organisations and establishments as contained in the Extant Act.

“The bill also makes provision for the election of a president to lead the executive committee as against the existing law where the NFF is a board appointed from different organisations.

“It further seeks to ensure mandatory systematic development of football through institutional, age and gender competitions.

“Also, the bill makes provision for development of coaches and referees to enable them participate in international competitions.”

Ogba said the bill had taken care of the funding of the sport, which had been a major problem in the country.

He called on the House of Representatives to pass a similar bill to allow for concurrence and onward transmission to the Presidency for assent.

President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, who presided over the plenary, said Nigerian football administration had not been in line with best practices.

He said, “The message here is for us to bring Nigeria in line with best practices and best ways to administer football in the country.

“This has been an embarrassment over the years but with the passage of this bill the grey areas will be taken care of.”

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Arsenal have agreed a £6.8m fee with Belgian club KAS Eupen for Nigeria striker Henry Onyekuru, according to Sky Sports.

The Gunners have been in talks with the Belgian club since last week, having led a string of Premier League teams interested in the 19-year-old.

Personal terms have not yet been agreed with the player’s representatives, Sky reports, but he is an avid Arsenal fan and understood to be keen on the move.

Onyekuru is the top scorer in the Jupiler League, notching his 20th goal on May 20, and has been of interest to Everton, Southampton, West Ham and West Brom.

He is thought to have a £6.8m release clause in his contract, and has already turned down moves to Belgian giants Brugge and Anderlecht.

Celtic are also understood to have come close to signing him in January but Eupen refused to sell him during the winter transfer window.

Onyekuru made his debut for Eupen in 2015 as a 17-year-old and helped the club achieve promotion to the Belgian top flight in his debut season.

The player is currently on international duty with Nigeria, who play a friendly against Togo in Paris on Thursday.



When you see or read the headline, the first thing that comes to mind is unseen forces that are ‘metaphysical’ as the philosophers will have it, but the case here is reverse as to what your first perception is about the headline.
There are forces that can as well kill, ruin you or destroy destinies if care is not taken by the individual involved.

It is the wish of every football player to wake up one day and find themselves in the position of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, Frank Lampard, Oliver Kahn, Gregory Coupet, Pete Cech, Edvin Van Den Sar, Zinedine Zidane, Andre Pirlo, Roberto Carlos, Marcus Evangelists Se Morales (Cafu), Andry Shevchenko, and the rest of greater footballers column of this write up would not allowed to be mentioned, but these physical unseen forces have a great say on the aspiration of footballers especially in this part of our world.

To get clearer understanding of this above position, below is the interview conducted by Bionerdsng that will kindle more light on the headline and questions will follow as to whether it is true or mere farce. Enjoy!

Bionerdsng: Good afternoon to you
Azeez: Good afternoon my brother.
Bionerdsng: Tell us about yourself
Azeez: My name is Adamu Azeez, I am from Borno state
Bionerdsng: Thank you very much. Where do you ply your footballing trade now?
Azeez: For now, I am the goalkeeper of Spartan fc Agege, Lagos.


Bionerdsng: How has life been with you in Spartan fc?
Azeez: Glory be to God, it has been Splendid
Bionerdsng: You were once an Ikorodu United goalkeeper, how would you describe your time as a player there?
Azeez: Playing for Ikorodu United was full of ups and downs, I started playing for Ikorodu since 2014 in national league until last season after the team was relegated from the NPFL.
Bionerdsng: You were part of the team that took them to the NPFL from the National League, how does that feel?
Azeez: It was a great feeling, being part of the team that took Ikorodu United to the NPFL amidst series of ups and downs, in all, it was Splendid.
Bionerdsng: In the game against Rangers international last season, Ikorodu united was linked to match fixing, what can you say about that?
Azeez: That was the worst match I ever played in Ikorodu united
Bionerdsng: How? Can you tell us why?
Azeez: About the performance in the first half, it was very poor.
Bionerdsng: You mean from the referee or the players or the fans?
Azeez: The players. We did not perform well, we conceded 2 goals in the first half.
Bionerdsng: What happened after then?

After the first half one of my teammates, the right full back, Rahmon accused me that I collected bribe from Rangers fc

Bionerdsng: Was there anything like match fixing in that game?
Azeez: No
Bionerdsng: Why then were you accused of collecting bribe?
Azeez: No, I swear to God I did not in anyway collect bribe from Rangers, we conceded two goals in the first half because the  pitch was bad and , after then, every where I go they accuse me of collecting bribe because of the rumour.
Bionerdsng: Did you actually collected bribe from Rangers?
Azeez: My brother, I just sweared in the name of God, No I did not collect bribe from Rangers.
Bionerdsng: What does the management do to that case?
Azeez: The management did not do anything about it what they told me was that I should not report to camp with the team after the season
Bionerdsng: That means your being out of Ikorodu United was not your decision.
Azeez: Yes
Bionerdsng: What has happened ever since you left Ikorodu united?
Azeez: So many things had happened; I went to many screening with teams like Gombe United, Katsina United, Gateway United
Bionerdsng: And how come u were not signed up by any of these clubs?
Azeez: Due to the rumour
Bionerdsng: You mean they heard that you were bribed by Rangers international?
Azeez: The rumour!
Bionerdsng: What steps have you taken since then to settle this with the Ikorodu United management?
Azeez: I tried calling the chairman but each time I call him he always neglect my calls then I talked to the media officer of the team but he just said that I should calm down and up till now I haven’t heard anything from him
Bionerdsng: Have they paid your entitlement?
Azeez: Nope, I wasn’t paid off. I was just asked to come for my clearance
Bionerdsng: That means they still hold up to your entitlements which they have failed to pay you.
Azeez: Yes.
Have you lodged any complain to the LMC or the NFF at all?
Azeez: No I haven’t.
Bionerdsng: Why?
Azeez: Because of how things are being run in our country.
Bionerdsng: Hmmm, Interesting! How then has the rumour affected your playing for another club?
Azeez: From a reliable source in the NFF, I was made to know that Ikorodu United have been going around soiling my name.
Bionerdsng: It is therefore established by your source that Ikorodu united have been soiling your name about?
Azeez: Yes, exactly.
Bionerdsng: Okay. Before we let you go, what changes do you expect to see in the NPFL in two years time?
Azeez: So many things; like the stadium getting better and the media to always be available to cover matches no matter how small the league is because just as you know there is no small match and just as the U15 promising tournament has been kick started, it should continue so as to empower the grassroot footballers, to watch venues where fixing and hooliganism may want to surface and many other things that needs attention.
Bionerdsng: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Azeez: Wow that’s a big question and with my believe I think I am going to be in Europe by God’s grace.
Bionerdsng: Do you at all see yourself in goal for the Super Eagles in the nearest future?
Azeez: Its a very big shoe to dip your feet into, but I believe I can!!!
Bionerdsng: What do you have for your fans back home?
Azeez: Big shout outs to my fans out there lots of love most especially my family, friends and every one out there, I love them soo much and also to know that I never collected bribe from any team and I will never because it is against my religion practice.
Bionerdsng: Thanks for your time with us. We wish you the best in your career pursuit.
Azeez: The pleasure is mine.

After we caught up with this guy and got this vital information on how players are treated by clubs and the power behind these clubs in the country which has made the players handicapped of fighting for their rights, the question now is are these powers truly destiny killers? For how long will this nauseating phenomena last for? And who is to be blamed for this menace? The players? The clubs management? LMC? NFF? Or the political powers behind the above mentioned bodies that gives them confidence in maltreating footballers who tends to meet their ends meet?

These are the questions that needs answers with immediate alacrity.

Efforts in getting in touch to the Media Officer and Chairman of Ikorodu united in getting their side of the story have proven futile, as we work ahead to bring about justice to our footballing society, we anticipate getting in touch with the management of Ikorodu United.



The coach of Spanish second division side Reus has been roundly criticised by fans of the team for shutting out Nigerian striker Chrisantus Macauley.

Chrisantus joined the team shortly after they gained promotion to the second division, but after a strong showing in pre season he didn’t get the chance to prove his mettle in the league .

The 26 year old who is known for his efficiency in the box has made only 7 appearances this season for Reus Deportiu who missed out on a play off spot following a dismal run after the turn of the year.

Fans of the team air their displeasure on their fans forum, as many questioned the decision of coach Natxo Gonzales regarding the forward whose previous spell in the Spain with Las Palmas still remains his most prolific till date.

” Unfortunately we don’t have a coach who believes in class. The benching of Chrisantus backfired, you can’t bench a player of his pedigree. He was brought in for goals but was never given a chance”, a fan wrote.

Another fan questioned why a player who is globally recognised for his goal scoring antics failed to get into a team that struggled for goals during the course of the season.

” I watched him in pre season. Honestly he was very decent, with his back to goal he was simply unplayable. He scored a blinder but the coach has failed to use him in league games despite out struggles for goals”.